The Best of Florence Welch (2/?)

‘I’ve worn some ridiculous outfits. On the NME tour it got beyond a joke! I ended up in a feather cape and half of one bright blue, shiny mini-dress but with a grey T-shirt and sparkly pants underneath. But by the end of it the outfit had just completely fallen apart and I was running around in just a grey T-shirt and a pair of sparkly pants.’

there’s no salvation for me now

“The stage is a place where I can be wholly myself. Even though you’re in front of people almost to be judged, it is a place without judgement.” 

Breath of Life (DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 - Center Channel) // Florence + the Machine

This is an near-acapella version of “Breath of Life”, so called centre-channel, and it is amazing. Really stunning.

130/? pictures of flo

130/? pictures of flo

Hurricane Festival, 2012.
OMG!!! Just found your account and I'm in the most exited mood ever!! It rocks! Like OMG!!! Never been that happy since I found Florence omg!! <3